Needle Valves

BuTech High Pressure Needle valves are available in a variety of body styles designed for operation at temperatures ranging from -100° to +600°F (-73° - +315°C). Optional stem packings and/or extended stuffing boxes increase the range to -423° to +1200°F (-253° to +648°C). Also available for Subsea service, meeting API-6A specifications.

Model   Connection
  Flow Path   Stem Tip   Options   Actuator   Special Service Options
*Pressure Rating(psig)
*Connection Size
*Stem Style  Butech Needle Valves are available with a variety of stem tips to meet the specific application flow control requirements, the most common are Vee and Regulating:
Vee - Used on valves that are primarily proving full flow or no flow (on/off control)
Regulating - Provides for moderate levels of flow control
Metering - Fine flow control with standard handle, should not be used for complete shut-off
Micro-Metering - Same as Metering, but includes precision handle
*Flow Path  Butech Needle Valves are available with a variety of flow path to meet the specific configuration requirements:
1) 2-Way Straight - Flow is from the left side of the valve to the right side
2) 2-Way Angle - Flow is from the bottom of the valve to the side
3) 3-Way 2 on Pressure - Flow is from both the bottom and the left port to the right port
4) 3-Way 1 on Pressure - Flow is from the bottom port to the left and right port
5) 2-Stem Manifold - 1 inlet flows to 2 outlets, each outlet has its own valve to control flow
6) Replaceable Seat - Same as 2-Way Angle, but the seat is replaceable
Actuator  The standard handle on a Butech Needle Valve is aluminum, other options include special materials, compressed air operated with spring return (ATO and ATC), compressed air operated double acting with signal required to both open and close the valve and hydraulically driven actuators.
Handle Extension Length(in): 
Packing Material  The standard glass filled PTFE packing is rated for up to 600° F (315° C). Virgin PTFE is also available, rated to up to 450° F and Grafoil can be used for temperatures up to 800° F.
Stem Material  The standard stem is 17-4PH. The stem can also be made from 316 stainless steel.
Security Options  The handle locking device prevents unauthorized opening and closing of the valve. The Stem locking device prevents the stem from turning due to vibration.
Special Service  Special services include cleaning for the handling of oxygen and special materials for handling of sour gas (Hydrogen Sulfide)
Panel Mounting  Select this feature if the valve will be panel mounted.
Glands  Select this feature if the valve will be subject to vibration, either from local equipment or through the tubing, to include anti-vibration glands.
Special Temp Service  These options include special modifications to allow the valves to be operated at very high temperatures or very low (cryogenic) temperatures.
Stem Tip  This feature adds an extra hard stellite tipped stem.
Seat  Select this if a replaceable stellite seat is desired. This option can only be used in valves with the replaceable seat option.